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by David Tuller

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the CDC: A Long, Tangled Tale

TRIAL BY ERROR: The Troubling Case of the PACE Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study

TRIAL BY ERROR: The Troubling Case of the PACE Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study (second installment)

TRIAL BY ERROR: The Troubling Case of the PACE Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study (final installment)

PACE trial investigators respond to David Tuller

David Tuller responds to the PACE investigators

Trial By Error, Continued: Did the PACE Study Really Adopt a ‘Strict Criterion’ for Recovery?

Trial By Error, Continued: Why has the PACE Study’s “Sister Trial” been “Disappeared” and Forgotten?

An open letter to Dr. Richard Horton and The Lancet

Trial by error, Continued: PACE Team’s Work for Insurance Companies Is “Not Related” to PACE. Really?

A request for data from the PACE trial

Revisiting the PLoS One economics analysis of PACE

Trial By Error, Continued: Questions for Dr. White and his PACE Colleagues

Trial By Error, Continued: Did the PACE Trial Really Prove that Graded Exercise Is Safe? (with Julie Rehmeyer)

Trial By Error, Continued: More Nonsense from The Lancet Psychiatry

Trial By Error, Continued: A Few Words About “Harassment”

Trial By Error, Continued: My Questions for Lancet Editor Richard Horton

Trial By Error, Continued: The Real Data

by Vincent Racaniello

XMRV and chronic fatigue syndrome

XMRV not detected in German prostate cancer

AZT inhibits XMRV

XMRV not detected in UK chronic fatigue syndrome patients

XMRV infection is enhanced by prostatic protein fragments

XMRV not found in 170 additional UK chronic fatigue syndrome patients

XMRV not detected in Dutch chronic fatigue patients

Inhibitors of XMRV

Inhibition of XMRV by a weapon of mass deamination

XMRV in human respiratory tract

XMRV, prostate cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome

FDA and NIH confirm WPI XMRV findings

Publication of XMRV papers should not be blocked

XMRV not detected in seminal plasma

PMRV joins XMRV as possible etiologic agent of chronic fatigue syndrome

Why John Coffin doesn’t sleep well

Is XMRV a laboratory contaminant?

Retroviral integration and the XMRV provirus

XMRV infection of Rhesus macaques

Authenticity of XMRV integration sites

Ila Singh finds no XMRV in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

Ian Lipkin on XMRV

XMRV is a recombinant virus from mice

Murine gammaretroviruses in prostate cancer cell lines

Admit when you are wrong

Results of the Blood XMRV Scientific Research Working Group

Science retracts paper on detection of XMRV in CFS patients

Authors retract paper on detection of murine leukemia virus-releated sequences in CFS patients

Cleaning up after XMRV

B cell depletion benefits ME/CFS patients

At least we’re not vexatious

An open letter to The Lancet, again

No ‘Recovery’ in PACE Trial, New Analysis Finds

Open letter to Queen Mary University of London about PACE

This Week in Virology


TWiV 55: Mice lie, monkeys exaggerate

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TWiV 94: XMRV with Dr. Ila Singh

TWiV 98: Murine musings, electric shirts, and rabid pathologists

TWiV 99: ICAAC Boston 2010

TWiV 113: Alan Rein on XMRV

TWiV 119: Science and journalism with David Tuller

TWiV 123: Contaminated prostates, absolute truth, and bleached worms

TWiV 136: Exit XMRV

TWiV 150: Contaminated

TWiV Special: A paradigm for pathogen de-discovery

TWiV 329: Pox in the balance

TWiV 345: How a vaccine got the nod