Virology Toolbox

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  • Thor

    This page is an excellent idea.

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  • Daniel

    This is a great idea and great help for starters at virological field!

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  • rashid4viroogy

    Great info sir..

  • Sgalattas

    Hello Dr., I need to know how did u calculate the equation 4 the plaque assayplz?

  • omar alshmari


  • omar alshmari

    are there any videos about virus vs. bacteria

  • mariya

    i would like to know how to detect the antiviral activity?

  • Masud1234

    I do have a practical problem. I measured TCID50 value of my virus (1.6X10^4/ml) now like to use it as 1 TCID50 or 100 TCID50. My final volume of infection is 100 microliter. How much virus I need to add from the above stock. Does the number of cell(s) in the culture influence the calculation. Please discuss anybody who ever interested. Thanks.

  • flu_knerd

    Do you have recommendations or resources for protocols (books or online)? I am also looking for a resource to learn about the cell lines and strains commonly used in virology research.

  • dhanya

    great work!!! love this blog always :)