Microbe art

Beautiful but deadly by Michele Banks Many artists are inspired by the microbial world – viruses, bacteria, fungi, or even anything that needs a microscope to observe. As I find webpages by such artists I’ll add them here. If you have a suggestion for an addition, please leave a comment.


Forrest McCluer – 30 Computers
Michelle Banks – Artologica
Rohwer lab – Phage art
Holly Wichman – Beaded viruses
ASM Division M – Phage art
Luke Jerram – Glass Microbiology
Fermented Fashion
Viral Kawai T-Shirt
Bev Hisey – Textile Designs and Creations
Laura Splan – Virus Doilies
Hunter Cole – Living Drawings Created with Bioluminescent Bacteria
Zachary Copfer – Science to the Power of Art (Bacteriography)
Jane Hartman – Trilobite Glassworks
Exploring the Invisible 
Davis S. Goodsell – Molecular Art
Julian Voss-Andreae – Science Sculpture
Bio Arrays
Anna Dumitru – Bioart and Bacteria
Tagny Duff
Elaine Whittaker
Molecular Machines
Viral Art – Dave Bhella
Screenology (formerly Squeaky Squeegee Art) – Deb Sklut
Noadi’s Art – Sheryl Westleigh
Scientific culture – kate mccurrach
Franco Divi – Fine art
Lori Flanders – LORiOLA
Alicia Watkins – Watty’s Wall Stuff (cross-stitched microbes)
Virus mugs – Thefty
Wooden tree viruses – BuenoMarket
Viral gift wrap – The Wrap Up Project
Microbes Rule – by Mark O. Martin
The Vexed Muddler – by Peggy Muddles
A Daily Dish – by Klari Reis
Greg Dunn Design