Virology course online at the midway point

virology courseWe have just completed lecture #13 in my Columbia University virology course, which means that we are now at the halfway mark. In the first eleven lectures we covered basic aspects of viral replication in cell culture, including virus entry into cells, genome replication, and assembly. The remainder of the course is concerned with viral infection of a host, and will cover topics such as pathogenesis, immunity, immunization, antivirals, and evolution.

All the virology lectures are available as videocasts (slides and audio) either at the course website, or at iTunes University. Below is a list of lectures that I have given so far in the course, with links to the videocast (.mp4 or .wmv files). To download the videocast, right click the link and save the file to your hard drive.

Virology Lectures

  • Lecture 1 – What is a virus? (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 2 – The infectious cycle (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 3 – Genomes and genetics (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 4 – Structure of viruses (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 5 – Attachment & entry (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 6 – RNA-directed RNA synthesis (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 7 – Genome replication of DNA viruses (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 8 – Transcription and RNA processing (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 9 – Reverse transcription and integration (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 10 – Translation (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 11 – Assembly (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 12 – Infection basics (.mp4 .wmv)
  • Lecture 13 – Host defense (.mp4 .wmv)

Influenza 101

3036729806_47d038324b_mSoon after the new influenza H1N1 strain emerged in April 2009, I began a series of blog posts on basic aspects of influenza virus replication and pathogenesis. The goal of this series is to provide information that will allow everyone to better understand the events surrounding emergence and spread of the new pandemic strain.

Unfortunately blog posts tend to become invisible after a certain period of time, which does not befit educational material. Therefore I have made a list of these articles, with links, to make it easier for everyone to take Influenza 101. As new basic information on influenza is added to the blog, it will appear on the Influenza 101 page.

You can find Influenza 101 by clicking the tab above the banner image of this blog, or by going to this page.

Class is still in session.