TWiV 125 – TWiV infects FiB

icosahedron light

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson DespommierAlan DoveRich Condit, and Marc Pelletier

This Week in Virology and Futures in Biotech join together in a science mashup to talk about a virophage at the origin of DNA transposons, and unintended spread of a recombinant retrovirus.

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Weekly Science Picks

Marc – JotNot
Dickson – New bunyavirus in China (NEJM)
Rich – Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment (LIDO) recording of the Hatsushima earthquake (ScienceDaily article) – thanks Bridget!
Alan –Walter and Ina: A Story of Love, War, and Science
Vincent – Icosahedral light fixture (thanks, Eric!)

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Futures in Biotech 76: It’s time to proteo me

I joined Marc Pelletier and Ruedi Aebersold on futures-in-biotechepisode 76 of Futures in Biotech for a conversation about how mass spectrometry has become one of the most important technologies in our move towards personalized medicine. We also talk about systems biology, a topic we first discussed in TWiV #121.

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Futures in Biotech 58: The Vertical Farm

I joined Marc Pelletier on futures-in-biotechepisode 58 of Futures in Biotech for a conversation with Dickson Despommier. We talked about some of Dickson’s passions – eukaryotic parasites and vertical farming. The idea for placing hydroponic farms in skyscrapers, about to be realized, was conceived by one of Professor Despommier’s classes at Columbia University.

Video courtesy of Team ODTV


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Futures in Biotech 43: Temporal Alien Mammoth Overlords

futures-in-biotechI joined host Marc Pelletier and Andre Nantel, Justin Sanchez, and Dave Brodbeck for a discussion on recent big stories in bioscience. Topics included wooly mammoths, cybernetics, viruses in the oceans, and controlling your computer with your brain.

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