A Defense of Vaccines

quackI’m a big fan of  Mark Crislip’s work – two podcasts (Persiflagers Infectious Disease Puscast, Quack Cast) and two blogs (Rubor, Dolor Calor Tumor, Science Based Medicine Blog). They have all been Picks of the Week at TWiV.  But beware, his work is not for everyone. In his own words:

Ridicule, bewailing, and scorn are my favorite techniques. I am an arrogant, closed minded, Western trained, tool of the medical industrial complex.  And proud of it.

Nevertheless, Marc has done a particularly brilliant job with one of his recent podcasts entitled “Lets Kill The Children or A Defense of Vaccines”. If you have any doubt that we should be immunizing our children, please listen to it. And even if you fully support vaccines, as I do, you should listen to it anyway because his arguments are very compelling and well researched.

Quackcast 30. Let’s Kill The Children or A Defense of Vaccines.