Building the perfect bug

3 April 2012

This past February I was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Company on the topic of the Fouchier and Kawaoka experiments on avian influenza virus H5N1. The video, Building the Perfect Bug, has been released by Journeyman Pictures and includes interviews with S.T. Lai, Laurie Garrett, Michael Osterholm, and Ron Fouchier (transcript available). It is far too alarmist for my taste, but both sides of the issue are represented.

The video includes sequences of me working in the cell culture laboratory. Note that I did wear a tie for my interview while Michael Osterholm did not.

  • Felix

    Are you able to stop this video auto-playing when the page is loaded?


  • Junio C Hamano

    Dr Racaniello who is interviewed in the video is shown as “Dr Vincent Racaniello, Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong”, but looks suspiciously similar to another professor of the same name at Columbia. Coincidence ;-)???

  • profvrr

    Sorry about that, I believe that I fixed the autoplay.

  • profvrr

    Maybe that is their way of making me an offer?