Contagion: First review

contagionDennis Lim at the New York Times has a review of the upcoming virus thriller ‘Contagion’. According to script consultant (and my CU colleague) Ian Lipkin, he went through great efforts to make the movie realistic:

There isn’t anything in the laboratory part of the film that hasn’t either been done with a bona fide surrogate or assembled from something that was real.

I hope Ian is right. In science fiction movies liberties are always taken to make the story more compelling and scary. For me this is problematic because non-scientists often think what they see in such stories is real.

I’m sure we’ll have a rousing discussion here about the movie once it is released in September.

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  • Lionel berthoux

    Let’s hope so. This director had a movie 10 years ago titled “Traffic” which was supposed to be an accurate description of drug-related social issues and, despite all the hype around the movie, ended up being a catalog of clichés.

  • Albert

    As the owner of the online discussion forum at (started 6 years ago), I personally have high hopes for this movie.

    Best to all,

  • David

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