Virology lecture #23: Emerging viruses

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  • gsgs 17 May 2010, 5:46 am

    only a matter of time H5N1 comes to the Western Hemisphere ?

    But we have separate evolution of avian influenza in the American and Eurasian world
    since at least ~100 years. The viruses usually don't mix.
    In fact, that rare mixing may produce new pandemic viruses in humans.

    how does H5N1 transmit ?

    they can't figure it out …
    In those chicken farms and turkey farms, they should know it, but once I searched
    for it and couldn't find it. Presumably respiratory, chicken breathing, but I'm not sure.
    it goes back from chickens to wild birds ?

    yes, but I assume it's rare. And then it's no longer waterborn as the original
    flu in mallards and other waterfowl. It goes to usual species like geese,swans