The Virology Network at

A relatively new social news network,, has the potential to make it much easier to track the latest news in your area of choice.

When you find a news article or any page of interest on the internet, add it to Socialmedian by simply clicking a bookmarklet. You can create news networks of your choice to include your ‘clippings’. When you set up your news network, you assign keywords so that news added by other users can be automatically added. The result is a social news network that connects people with personalized news and information. 

I often search the internet for news about viruses, and now it is much easier to store these stories, and find new ones, on socialmedian. I’ve set up a network specifically for news about viruses – it’s called ‘The Virology Network’. Please go over to, open an account (fast and free) and subscribe to ‘The Virology Network’. You can see all the latest virology news that has entered this network, and you can begin posting your own stories as well. With many people contributing, we can make a very complete network of virology news.

One suggestion: if you use the bookmarklet to add a story, be sure to specifically add it to ‘The Virology Network’. Otherwise it does not seem to be added to the proper network.

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